The Bond Arms Rowdy and Rowdy XL

Explore Bond Arms Rowdy & Rowdy XL: powerful .410/45LC derringers balancing potent firepower with compact design. Perfect for personal defense and concealed carry.


Derringer Dan

7/30/20232 min read

bond arms rowdy
bond arms rowdy

Bond Arms has carved a name for itself in the firearms industry, particularly with its popular derringer models - the Rowdy and Rowdy XL. These firearms, chambered in .410 shotgun and .45 Colt, have intrigued many for their blend of potent firepower in a compact design.

Diving Deep into the Features of the Bond Arms Rowdy

The Bond Arms Rowdy, an original model from the manufacturer, sports a 3-inch barrel neatly accommodated within a compact structure. Complementing this is a standard rubber grip designed for comfort and firmness during use. Despite its size, the Rowdy houses a 2-round capacity, making it a compact, yet powerful, piece of machinery.

In addition to its powerful performance, safety is an integral part of the Rowdy's design. The firearm includes a cross-bolt safety and a spring-loaded, cammed locking lever. These safety measures are designed to ensure the firearm is as safe to operate as it is powerful.

Exploring the Enhanced Bond Arms Rowdy XL

Not resting on its laurels, Bond Arms introduced the Rowdy XL, a beefier version of the original Rowdy. The Rowdy XL's unique feature is a slightly longer 3.5-inch barrel designed to improve precision. It also comes with B6 grips that sport a smooth backstrap, enhancing the grip for better control during shooting.

Like the Rowdy, the Rowdy XL maintains the 2-round capacity and inherits the cross-bolt safety and the spring-loaded, cammed locking lever. Despite these similarities, the Rowdy XL manages to carve its identity with its unique improvements.

A Comparative Analysis of the Rowdy and Rowdy XL

Both the Rowdy and Rowdy XL are lauded for their craftsmanship and reliability. They are not only easy to carry and conceal but also pack enough punch to neutralize threats, making them a great choice for self-defense.

However, like all firearms, they are not without their disadvantages. Users should anticipate a sharp recoil due to their compact size and powerful caliber. The trigger pull is also considerably heavy, which may be a deterrent for some users. But in my eyes, it's an extra bit of safety for such a high caliber concealable weapon. And an issue which can be easily dealt with with a little extra training and range time.

Despite these drawbacks, the Bond Arms Rowdy and Rowdy XL remain excellent choices for individuals seeking quality, powerful, portable self-defense weapons. They stand as a testament to Bond Arms' commitment to producing well-crafted, reliable, and easily concealable firearms. However, understanding these firearms' limitations is crucial before deciding to purchase.

The Bond Arms Rowdy and Rowdy XL prove to be robust, portable self-defense guns that are easy to carry. However, potential buyers sensitive to recoil or challenged by a heavy trigger pull might want to explore other options.

In Summary: If the blend of power and portability is what you seek in a firearm, then the Bond Arms Rowdy or the Rowdy XL might be the perfect candidates. Their robust construction and ability to deliver powerful rounds make them a choice worth considering for self-defense. It's important, however, to weigh these benefits against potential drawbacks such as recoil and trigger pull before making a purchase.