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Ammo Squared

Unfortunately finding a wide variety of ammo hasn't been the easiest in my home town lately unless I want to go to a specialty store and pay out the nose assuming I have time to drive out there. My solution has been Ammo Squared. The system is simple and brilliant. You set a monthly budget per caliber and bullet type. Match, frangible, defensive, range, you name it. With some calibers you can even decide the specific projectile weight. Each month your amount is tallied until you have a full box. This also makes budgeting for ammo a lot easier. Let’s say you opt for $100 per month. You can set the shipment triggers such as monthly or amount of boxes.
Pricing beats big-box, but not quite as cheap as a bulk order of imports and that makes sense. The good folks at Ammo Squared are keeping tabs, providing options, and giving you a chance to try out some loads you might not have otherwise known about.
Is Ammo Squared the cheapest way to get ammo? No. Does it let you set a budget and relax while your stockpile grows? Yes. If you’re wanting to try something new, looking for a way to grow a stockpile, or appease your significant other by actually having a budget I definitely recommend Ammo Squared!

Premium Gun Grips

Very impressed with the quality and fit of these grips. Very high quality. The grips significantly improved the look and feel of the Bond Arms Rowdy I installed them on. With several options to choose from, there are also extended grip options which I found great for the small frame of the Rowdy. Which a little extra grip goes a long way when firing a .410 slug out of a derringer. Premium Gun Grips is a Top Rated seller trusted by over a thousand customers in the US. They have been selling on the marketplace since 2013. They have hundreds of products for many different makes and models of firearms in stock at their warehouse. So check them out on Amazon or their website by following the link below.

Original Gun Oil

I recently started using a new gun oil that I had never heard of before. It is called Original Gun Oil and was brought to my attention by friend of mine I grew up with. And I liked this CLP (Clean, Lubricate and Protect) gun oil so much... I decided to do a review on it so I can share it with all of you!
Is it truly the best oil out there? While I believe that most gun oils on the market will "do the job". I have used many brands over the years and I have honestly been happy with most. But, Original Gun Oil CLP is one of the best gun cleaner lubricants I've found. First of all let me get something out of the way, this stuff is high quality so it is not cheap. I mean it’s not terribly expensive but it is a little more than Hoppes No. 9. You use it sparingly, so it will last a long time if you do not over-oil your firearms.
Original Gun Oil is not only a lubricant, but it can also be used to clean your firearm. It is also an excellent protectant for your stored or displayed guns. Non-Toxic and non-staining are also great attributes of this quality lubricant. This product can be use not only to lubricate but also clean and protect your firearm. And is formulated to penetrate and assist in the removal of lead, copper and carbon fouling on the surface and in the bore of your gun. And to top it off the biggest thing that makes it worth the money is the fact that the company was founded & owned by a Veteran. He uses some of the profits from the sale of original gun oil to help support Veterans organizations.I am always trying to support our Veterans so this is why I buy Original Gun Oil. It is a very high quality synthetic gun oil made in the USA and yes, it is not the least expensive, but it does what it says it does and I am satisfied with that!

Features of Original Gun Oil CLP

  • Non-Toxic

  • Non-scented

  • Non-Staining

  • Safe for all metal, wood, plastic and polymer parts of your guns and rifles.

  • Will not harm the Kydex of your holster

  • Works in extreme temperature ranges (-47°F to +497°F)

  • Unbeatable rust & corrosion protection (4x longer)


Since I became aware of the Tek-Mat, I've probably read dozens reviews and recommendations of what amounts to a simple "tool". But a tool it is, indeed... Mine came rolled up (for shipping, I imagine), and when I unrolled my new Tek-Mat, I instantly felt how thick it was - which is really surprising for how easily manipulated it is. No wrinkles or partly rolled up ends. The Tek-Mat rolled out and laid flat. It comes feeling "broken in", not stiff at all. I've got no experience with how Tek-Mat handles gun scrubber, CLP, oils, etc. I've read it isn't harmed by them, and Tek-Mat makes a similar claim. The diagram on mine (Ruger LCP) is detailed and accurate, as the exploded diagram & parts list are all perfect, complete, and easy to read (crisp and moderately sized text) .One (unfounded) concern of mine was whether or not it's dimensions were large enough for me to take apart and clean my pistol on. Well, it is. Plenty of room!!! There are other gun/rifle cleaning mats out there for sale. Many are inferior both in construction and material, from the several reviews I've read of various competitor products. It's always possible that somewhere, there's a superior gun cleaning mat for sale - but I've never seen it or heard of it. This is a safe buy for any rifle/pistol guy/gal. Tek-Mat does offer many different mats for many different makes and models of firearms. I've seen lots of popular guns, and even some unexpected ones. Buying firearms parts/accessories can be tricky - but this one's a no-brainer. You'll be happy.


They're are easy to conceal, reliable and honestly... they just look cool. They're not a revolver and not a semi automatic pistol. Derringers are their own special breed of handgun. Whatever your reason, if you’re looking to own a derringer, there are definitely some great options out there, including some that make great carry guns, or great range toys. Below I have listed the top manufacturers of derringers available.

Bond Arms

Bond Arms Inc. is an American firearms manufacturer located in Granbury, Texas which makes a nice lineup of well built, double-barrel derringers that sell at very reasonable prices. Many of which can be found right on the link below.

North American Arms

North American Arms is a United States company, headquartered in Provo, Utah, that manufactures semi automatic pocket pistols and derringers. The derringers/ mini revolvers produced by the company are five-shot, single action revolvers, which have a spur trigger design. They're similar to what you'd expect of a late 19th century pocket revolver, the main differences being their size and that NAA's mini-revolvers are made completely of stainless steel. The design of their mini-revolvers was developed by "Freedom Arms", which stopped selling these mini-revolvers in 1990 and then sold their design to North American Arms. Since then, North American Arms has further evolved the design, switching to a "safety cylinder" design, which features notches machined halfway between the chambers. As a result, the revolver may be safely carried with all 5 chambers loaded by resting the hammer in a safety notch. The older NAA mini-revolvers can be retrofitted with this "safety cylinder" design upgrade at no cost to the owner simply by returning an older design NAA mini-revolver to North American Arms for an upgrade.
The company manufactures their derringer /revolvers in the following calibers:
.22 Short
.22 Long Rifle
.22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire
.22 Black powder cap and ball
The cylinder must be removed from the frame to load or unload all NAA mini-revolvers, with the exception of the "Sidewinder" and "Ranger II" models; these models have a swing-out cylinder and a break open cylinder, respectively.

American Derringer

American Derringer Corporation is an American manufacturer of firearms, based in Waco, Texas. Available in every caliber, American Derringer offers a small size and weight with a big bore and the safety of a single action only firearm. Their derringers can be easily carried in a purse or pocket without the need of special clothing. American Derringer offer firearms ranging from .22 to .45-70/.410, and in every imaginable style. Check the link below for more detail and information

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