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They're are easy to conceal, reliable and honestly... they just look cool. They're not a revolver and not a semi automatic pistol. Derringers are their own special breed of handgun. Whatever your reason, if you’re looking to own a derringer, there are definitely some great options out there, including some that make great carry guns, or great range toys. Below I have listed the top manufacturers of derringers available.

Bond Arms

Bond Arms Inc. is an American firearms manufacturer located in Granbury, Texas which makes a nice lineup of well built, double-barrel derringers that sell at very reasonable prices. Many of which can be found right on the link below.

North American Arms

North American Arms is a United States company, headquartered in Provo, Utah, that manufactures semi automatic pocket pistols and derringers. The derringers/ mini revolvers produced by the company are five-shot, single action revolvers, which have a spur trigger design. They're similar to what you'd expect of a late 19th century pocket revolver, the main differences being their size and that NAA's mini-revolvers are made completely of stainless steel. The design of their mini-revolvers was developed by "Freedom Arms", which stopped selling these mini-revolvers in 1990 and then sold their design to North American Arms. Since then, North American Arms has further evolved the design, switching to a "safety cylinder" design, which features notches machined halfway between the chambers. As a result, the revolver may be safely carried with all 5 chambers loaded by resting the hammer in a safety notch. The older NAA mini-revolvers can be retrofitted with this "safety cylinder" design upgrade at no cost to the owner simply by returning an older design NAA mini-revolver to North American Arms for an upgrade.
The company manufactures their derringer /revolvers in the following calibers:
.22 Short
.22 Long Rifle
.22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire
.22 Black powder cap and ball
The cylinder must be removed from the frame to load or unload all NAA mini-revolvers, with the exception of the "Sidewinder" and "Ranger II" models; these models have a swing-out cylinder and a break open cylinder, respectively.

American Derringer

American Derringer Corporation is an American manufacturer of firearms, based in Waco, Texas. Available in every caliber, American Derringer offers a small size and weight with a big bore and the safety of a single action only firearm. Their derringers can be easily carried in a purse or pocket without the need of special clothing. American Derringer offer firearms ranging from .22 to .45-70/.410, and in every imaginable style. Check the link below for more detail and information

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