22 Caliber Derringer

Unleash the power and versatility of a 22 caliber Derringer with the Bond Arms Stinger. Discover its features for concealed carry and self-defense.


Derringer Dan

6/5/20233 min read

bond arms stinger .22 cal
bond arms stinger .22 cal

The Bond Arms Stinger is a testament to the enduring appeal of the 22 caliber derringer. For those who prefer the compact size and low recoil of a .22 caliber handgun, this exceptional firearm offers a range of features that make it an outstanding choice. In this comprehensive blog post, we dive deep into the world of the Bond Arms Stinger, exploring its design, performance, and suitability for concealed carry. Join us as we unlock the full potential of this remarkable 22 caliber derringer.

Unveiling the Bond Arms Stinger:

The Bond Arms Stinger stands tall as a reliable and versatile derringer in .22 caliber. While it may lack the option for interchangeable barrels like its predecessors, the Stinger compensates with an array of distinctive features that make it a sought-after choice. Available in three different calibers - .380, 9mm, and .38 Special - the Stinger remains a preferred option for those seeking a .22 caliber derringer.

The .22 caliber is particularly favored among derringer enthusiasts due to its compact size and manageable recoil, making it ideal for discreet concealed carry. The Stinger embraces this popular choice and ensures that users will not be disappointed by its performance, combining power with precision.

Masterful Grip and Enhanced Safety:

Designed with utmost attention to detail, the Stinger features a unique textured grip that guarantees a secure and comfortable hold, even when handling the .22 caliber. This specialized texture not only enhances grip strength but also mitigates the risk of slipping, resulting in improved accuracy and control, even in challenging conditions. Whether it's a rapid response in self-defense situations or precise target shooting, the Stinger delivers.

Safety is paramount, and Bond Arms has equipped the Stinger with a rebounding hammer and retracting firing pin. These safety measures prevent accidental discharges, providing users with peace of mind when carrying the Stinger. With this focus on safety, Bond Arms has ensured that their 22 caliber derringer is a reliable companion for responsible gun owners.

Durability and Portability Combined:

Crafted from durable stainless steel, the Bond Arms Stinger exhibits exceptional resistance to wear and tear, guaranteeing years of reliable service. Its lightweight and compact design make it an ideal choice for concealed carry, allowing users to discreetly and comfortably carry their firearm without compromising on power or performance.

The Stinger's diminutive size offers additional advantages, enabling it to be easily stowed in a purse or pocket, ensuring quick and convenient access when needed. Its compact nature makes it a reliable companion for everyday carry, providing a layer of personal protection without sacrificing comfort or style.

Intuitive Safety Measures and Accessories:

Bond Arms understands the importance of quick and easy access to safety features. The Stinger boasts a crossbolt safety conveniently located behind the trigger guard, allowing users to engage or disengage the safety swiftly and effortlessly. This thoughtful design ensures that users can react promptly in critical situations, promoting their overall safety and confidence.

To enhance the Stinger's usability and convenience, Bond Arms includes a custom-fit leather holster specifically tailored for this remarkable derringer. The holster offers secure storage and quick retrieval options, enabling users to carry their Stinger comfortably and safely while maintaining accessibility.


In the realm of 22 caliber derringer handguns, the Bond Arms Stinger reigns supreme, standing as a testament to the enduring charm and practicality of this classic firearm design. Despite its inability to accommodate interchangeable barrels, the Stinger compensates with a range of features that make it a top choice for .22 caliber enthusiasts. With its robust construction, comfortable grip, advanced safety mechanisms, and convenient storage options, the Bond Arms Stinger excels as a reliable companion for concealed carry and self-defense. Embrace the power and versatility of the derringer 22 with the Bond Arms Stinger—a true masterpiece of firearm engineering.